Weekly Outline

Every week, there will be a weekly outline posted as an overview of what the grade 2 class will be learning in each subject. 

Weekly Outline 

March 25th- 29th, 2019 

Grade 2 Ms. Weston  


Language Arts  

(Ms. Weston)  

Students will be completing spelling in their spelling groups. Each spelling group will get there corresponding spelling work and cursive writing sheets. Students will have a spelling test on Friday.


We will continue to review and work on grammar and punctuation this week using the Correct the Sentence workbooks. Students will be introduced to compound sentences, and explore how to put two sentences together using conjunctions.


Students will explore lists. What they are used for and how to create them. Students will complete a reading comprehension task using a list. Students will be asked to create a grocery list at home. Students will compare their grocery lists with others and as a class, we will use the data to create graphs.


Students will partake in lessons geared around the oratorical competition. Students will work on presentation skills and voice. Students are required to submit their oratorical topic on March 25th, 2019.


(Ms. Weston)  

Students will complete lessons 99- 103 in Saxon Math. Students will continue to work on fact families and balancing equations. As well as explore collecting data and creating bar graphs.

Students will have a math assessment on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019.

Physical Education 

(Coach Fretz) 

Students will be taking part in ball hockey skill development this week. Students will also take part in cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).  


(Ms. James)  

Students will begin a new unit on famous artists. We will explore the life and art of Ted Harrison.


(Mr. Kudera) 

The students will study the layout of the orchestra using Mozart’s Symphonies. Students will practice choral singing with the following songs, Be Prepared, I See the Light and Just One Person.


(Mme. Grovum) 

Students will continue their work on their unit animals.

Social Studies 

(Ms. Weston) 

Students will explore the world map and globe as well as work on explaining the difference between a country and continent. Students will review the seven continents and cardinal directions to be able to explain the location of a continent using cardinal directions (Australia is south of Asia, Africa is west of Australia, etc). As well as move on to locating the oceans of the world. Students are encouraged to explore maps at home (local and world maps).

Student will work on understanding where each continent and ocean is located on a map, in order to be able to label a blank map. Map labelling assessment to come.


(Ms. Weston)  

Students will be introduced to their new science unit of air and water in the environment. The unit will explore air and water being a major part of the environment, how living things need air and water, how changes to air and water can affect living things and the environment as well as how our actions can affect air and water.

Students will explore water and air as an introduction by looking at how we use air and water in our everyday life.


(Coach Fretz)  

Students will continue to learn about prescription and non-prescription medicines, medication and healthy alternatives in the Substance Use unit.  They create posters to encourage others to be healthy and active.


(Mr. Kudera)  

The students will use graphic editing software to draw and paint.


(Ms. Weston)  

Students will continue with their Shakespeare play Hamlet. Focusing on performing, voice projection and putting their final piece together.

Media Arts

(Mrs. Blanken)

This week the grade two students will continue focusing on reading comprehension. Students will each read a book and complete an interactive activity.