Weekly Outline

Every week, there will be a weekly outline posted as an overview of what the grade 2 class will be learning in each subject. 


Weekly Outline 

November 11th- November 15th 2019

Grade 2 - Miss Togneri


Language Arts

(Miss Togneri)

This week we will be learning about Poetry! Students will learn about various forms of poetry over the course of the term and recreate their own poems using the formats discussed. Students will present their written work in a visually appealing format with artwork to support their writing.


On Mondays, students will write a detailed piece of work in their journals. Each week will focus on different writing elements including neat printing, detail, punctuation and capitals and various components of grammar being discussed in class.


Each day, children will learn new grammar skills and practice through exercises in their “Daily Editing” book.  We will also be working on handwriting and practising new cursive skills.


Spellings will be given on Tuesday, with a test on Friday. This week we are on Wordly Wise 3000 Level 2 ; Lesson 9. Children will work on activities in the textbook throughout the week.


(Miss Togneri)

This week we will be continuing our Grade 2 Saxon Math lessons. Also, we will be working on daily word problems, Maths centers for hands on activities, and fact sheets for practising basic skills. There may not be an assessment at the end of every week.


(Miss Togneri)

This week, we will be continuing our new unit, Growth and changes in Animals. We will be looking at a variety of animals and looking at their life cycles, how they adapt to their environment and discuss similarities and differences.

Social Studies 

(Miss Togneri)

This week, we will be continuing our new unit, Changing families and community traditions. Students will be talking about their family traditions and will compare their family’s structure and some of their traditions and celebrations with those of their peer’s families.


(Mrs. Grovum)

Students will continue their work on Pronoms Personnels and will continue with our complex reading sounds.


(Mr. Poaps)

Students will work on glockenspiels playing music notes. Students will also begin rehearsals on their holiday song for the holiday concert.  


(Ms. Steinburg)

Students will continue with practising for The Three Little Pigs.

Visual Arts

(Ms. James)

This week students will be introduced to Cubism. We will be discussing the history of Cubism and look at  some famous artists and pieces. 


(Miss Togneri)

This week, students will be introduced to Google Suites - composing, opening and saving documents


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will take part in basketball skill building activities and games this week.


The Phys. Ed week will be broken up into 3 days. Monday (Sport Specific games/skills) Wednesday (Active Games) Friday (Cooperative/Team Building Games/House Activities)


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will begin their unit on Safety this week.  They will begin the unit by discussing bullying and creating Anti-Bullying Posters. 

Media Arts

(Mrs. Becke)

This week we will read a book of the class’s choice and focus on how to retell stories. We will then do a MakerSpace activity.