Weekly Outline


Every week, there will be a weekly outline posted as an overview for what the grade 2 class will be learning in each subject. 

Weekly Outline 

December 3rd to 7th

Grade 2 Mrs. Massaro


Language Arts  

(Mrs. Massaro)

This week we are continuing to work on our Haikus


Students were not introduced to adjectives, but will be introduced to them this week with a fun activity called, “If I were an adjective…”


We will continue to read Matilda in class. Students will review how to make text to world connections. We will also review how to identify the problem, and solution of a story. We will also be reviewing how to make predictions.


(Mrs. Massaro)

Students will complete lesson 69 - 72 in Saxon Math. There will be an assessment on Wednesday

We will also review addition, subtraction, time, money, and times tables.



(Ms. James)  

This week students will continue to work on their cubism inspired Art projects! They will use different colours and shapes to create their own unique piece.


(Mr. Kudera) 

The students will listen to several excerpts of songs and categorize the tempo of the songs as adagio, andante, moderato, or allegro.   They will also continue to practice the songs Christmas Time is Here and Come Rejoicing for the Christmas play.


(Mme. Israil) 

With grade 2 this week  students will continue learning   “ ER” verbs . This week we will also be introduced to  “ les pieces de la maison” . Will be introduced to christmas words and activities .

Social Studies 

(Mrs. Massaro)

Students will learn about how different children celebrate their birthdays around the world. They will be writing and decorating their own invitations in class.


(Mrs. Massaro)

We will continue to discuss moving objects. Specifically we will look at a slide.

Health and Phys. Ed

(Coach Fretz)  

Phys. Ed

Students will be taking part in modified volleyball skills this week.  They will participate in a game called “bound ball” to learn proper foot movement and positioning.   Students will also take part in cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).  


Health:  Students will be creating a list of safety rules for school activities and out of school activities.  They will also be creating safety posters for popular recess games and activities.


(Mr. Kudera)  


The students will participate in Hour of Code and continue their keyboarding drills.


(Mrs. Massaro)  

We will continue to work on holiday themed drama activities.

Media Arts

(Ms. Murphy)

Students will explore literature from the Holidays and use the Library Learning Centres.